Disconnection Policy

Jeetwin values every player and wants everyone to have an effective and exciting gaming experience. However, this will not be possible if users do not have a strong Internet connection. To ensure that such situations are as few as possible, the company has developed special software that prevents intentional disconnection from the network and abuse of the system.

Jeetwin's disconnection policy is designed to protect an efficient and engaging gaming experience for Indian users


If the player initially has a weak Internet connection, this does not guarantee an uninterrupted stay on the platform. Therefore, in such situations, the user must know certain rules:

  • If a player disconnects from the game, then he must do everything possible to return to it as quickly as possible;
  • The user should contact their Internet service provider to find out how to avoid network outages;
  • If the Internet connection is interrupted before the bet is registered, then it is considered invalid;
  • If the client managed to place a bet before the network was disconnected, then this is valid and after reconnection, he will be able to see the result in the game history;
  • To check bets and results, the user can contact customer support.

Certain games

For different categories of games at Casino Jeetwin , the blackout policy may have its own peculiarities:

  • If the Internet connection is interrupted while playing slots or electronic games, then the game will continue from where it left off. In some cases, the result can be calculated by the game itself;
  • If the player is playing in an online or live casino, then after the network is disconnected it will continue as normal. The user can find out the result in the game history;
  • If the user wanted to place a bet on sports, but the Internet was disconnected, then the money will not be withdrawn from the account. Also in the bet history table, the player can find out whether the bet was made partially or completely.