Responsible Gaming

Jeetwin is a respectable Indian gambling establishment that pays attention to factors such as safety and comfort. To do this, the company supports all international initiatives, projects, and laws in the field of gambling to make its platform even better. One such project is a commitment to the concept of responsible gaming.

It is important for a gambling establishment that players not only enjoy the game but also be responsible and rational. To achieve this, special attention is paid to informing players about the negative consequences of gambling, as well as ways to maintain control.

Responsible gaming is part of the terms and conditions that players must review when creating a profile. Jeetwin recommends that every user review this policy in advance so that if there is a problem, you will know how to resolve it.

Jeetwin advocates for responsible gaming in India

Precautionary measures

To ensure that users’ gaming remains safe and effective, Jeetwin’s team does the following:

  • Persons under 18 years of age cannot create an account on the site;
  • Employees conduct ongoing identity checks to block the profiles of minors;
  • The marketing strategy is aimed at adult users only;
  • The organization publishes on its website a list of programs that will help parents hide unwanted content from their children;
  • In promotional offers, players are informed about the actual conditions of the games. They will be notified of the risks and chances of winning.

Determination of gambling addiction

Most players have fun at a gambling establishment. However, some may notice changes in mood and not even realize that they have a gambling problem. To better understand your emotions, Jeetvin suggests answering a few questions:

  1. Do you constantly talk and think about gambling?
  2. Are you spending more money than you can afford?
  3. Do you feel irritated or drained when you can’t place a bet?
  4. Have you ever tried to commit a crime to get money for betting?
  5. Does your mood change depending on whether you win or lose?
  6. Have you ever borrowed money from friends or relatives to gamble?
  7. Are you having trouble focusing on work or household chores?
  8. Have you ever had suicidal thoughts?

These questions will help determine the extent of your addiction. If you answered yes to at least a few questions, this is a reason to seek help.


To ensure your game remains rational and balanced, you can put the following tips into practice:

  • Always remember that gambling is not a way to make money;
  • Spend only what you can afford at the moment;
  • If you lose, do not try to win back at any cost;
  • Set a limit on the time and money you can spend on the site per day, week, or month;
  • Do not visit the site when you have life problems or are in a bad mood;
  • You should not combine alcohol with gambling;
  • Give enough time to family, friends, work and hobbies.


At Jeetwin online, players can temporarily freeze their accounts if they want to take a break from gambling. To do this, you must contact customer support at [email protected] and indicate the period for which you want to block your profile.

It is important to understand that during this period the client will not be able to use the company’s services. In addition, you cannot create a second account in order to return to betting. Although the user can make a request to remove the restriction, the final decision is made by the organization’s management.